Monday, 30 December 2013

The last few days of my beauty advent calendar+all 24!!!!!


So I know this post is probably a little late but I wanted to make it right :)

After being behind on my beauty advent calendar posts even though I uploaded most of them but them still seem to not to appear for some aggravating reason! so instead of trying to catch up I decided that I would just do a conclusion of all 24 products :)

So I hope you all had amazing Christmas's filled with love and joy :)

I honestly cant believe how fast time has gone since the start of December when I received my first beauty advent calendar and decided on posting everything on here, it just feels like 2 minutes ago in my opinion.....

So here it is!!!!! All 24 products from my beauty advent calendar 2013-
From left to right-
1-Soap and glory, Clean Girls Body Wash
2-Balmi Lip balm
3-Mavala nail varnish-purediamond
4-Nina l'eau by Nina Ricci
5-Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation
6-Vichy Idealia Life serum
7-Black XS L'EXCES by Paco Robanne
8-Hairband by Umberto Giannini
9-Seventeen Nail Varnish-Miami
10-Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat
11-Ghost 'the fragrance' eau de toilette
12-Nail Shine Solution
13-Vichy liftactive serum
14-Ghost fragrance
15-Seventeen Tattoo me liquid eyelinear
16-Nail file
17-Soap and glory body
18-Couture lala- by juicy couture
19-Mavala nail varnish
20-Hair revitalizing spray
21-Nails inc, nail polish
22-Umberto Giannini Backcomb spray
23-Carmex lip balm
24-Seventeen 'blow out' mascara

Favourite product-This one I found really hard and it was a tie up between the balmi lip balm, the mavala pure diamond and the seventeen Blow out mascara, but in the end I decided to choose my favourite product as the balmi lip balm!!!!!
Least favourite product- I would probably just have to say the nail file just because I don't think that it is as good as any of the other products
Biggest let-down- I would defiantly have to say that this product would have to be the calmex lip balm, and the only reason being because everyone seems to think that it is amazing and so good and the best lip balm ever! when in actually fact I didn't enjoy using that much I just thought that it was a standard lip balm with nothing special unlike my views on the balmi lip balm!!!!!

Adios!!!! see you in the next post!!!!!

I hope that you all have an amazing start to 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of the presents I recieved for Christmas!!!!

I just want to point out now that in no way am I bragging or are intending to brag about the things I have received I just wish to share them with you and tell you my opinions :D

I hope you all had amazing Christmas's and received everything that you wished for!

Now here are a few things that I received-


The naked 3 palette from Urban Decay!
I was just so excited when I opened this from my parents, because I had asked for it but had seen that it was sold out everywhere so I didn't think that my mum would be able to get it but luckily my dad had managed to pick it up while waiting in Debenhams!

I think that we should all just sit and admire this packaging for a minute can it get much more perfect?

I do love the size of the palette especially because it gives you a really good size mirror instead of just a little one in the centre!

However I think that one of the best things about this palette would have to be how each eye shadow has an individual name! I think that it just gives the palette that little extra touch to make it even more special!

And I honestly cant wait to start using this but just don't want to mess up the prettiness of it, but it has to be done right? well if you want pretty eye makeup :)
Another makeup gift I received was the best of benefit box! which was kindly given to me from my grandma and granddad.

I just have to say that I honestly just love this box! And in this box which I didn't realise until I opened it up was that there is a little voucher for a free makeover from benefit in any boots store! and it is valid until April! so I just think that it just tops the present off making it even more amazing!

 I have actually used a number of the products before but just think that it is really good that I now have them in miniatures and this makes my makeup bag so much easier to take and zip up when traveling!
I also love the idea of these sort of presents because I actually did want to try the high beam highlighter but was reluctant to pay the full price because I didn't want to only to use it once and decide that I did not like it, but with this gift it just means that I can try different products and then if I do wish to buy a full size I can while knowing if I like them or not!
Now moving on to a bit of fashion........

I actually choose these tops out myself and my mum ordered them for me so it was one of the few presents that I knew I was getting.
I already have two of the same kind of tops which I got for my birthday but I do really like these two because of how big a Disney fan I am and I just love the film mean girls where the quote 'on Wednesdays we wear pink' comes from.

I think these tops would look great with shorts in the summer or over a bikini or even with jeans and a jacket if the weather has a bit more of a chill to it just because they look fun

If you did want to see these tops styled together with other items of clothing please just ask in the comments:)

Both tops and pyjama poncho I received from my parents and sister and if you haven't noticed already I am a MASSIVE Disney fan!!!!! 

This top I wear as a pyjama top but I see no reason to why I couldn't wear it out during the Christmas season! I really love the navy colour of this top with the white snowflakes as it reminds me of  winter nights and it just gives it that warm feeling :)

This top I also use as a pyjama top however during summer I can see me wear this with denim shorts and a cute pair of sandals. If you did want any outfit ideas for any items on this post please just let me know in the comments :)

This pyjama poncho I received from my sister and is actually my second one because I happened to buy myself one in summer to which I fell in love with. I just think that the idea of a pyjama poncho is brilliant especially if you don't like wearing a onesie  or if it is too hot for a onesie but you still want that extra layer so I just think that these are perfect especially in the summer plus it has a cute hood!!!

I think subscriptions are great presents but when I think of that I normally think of magazines, but for Christmas I actually received a 3 month glossy box subscription!
I had been looking at getting a glossy box subscription for quite a while but never ended up buying one but luckily my mum bought me a 3 month subscription for Christmas!
If you don't know what a glossy box is well it is basically a small box/package sent to your house once a month filled with beauty products for you to try :)
I think that the idea of this is great for finding new products which otherwise you may had never had tried.

I'm sorry but this packaging is just tooooo cute to not point out!!!!!

Whoever says that this isn't the cutest tissue paper with the cutest bow is a liar!!!

So as the present I opened the 1st month of the subscription and what lovely things the box held inside...........

Inside the box- from left to right-
1- Wilkinson Sword Intuition- Natural razor
2-Maybelline New York-Volum'Express Colossal Smokey eye mascara
3-Beautiful movements cosmetics- nude lip gloss (4513)
4-Rituals-Miracle balm
5-Seche-Nail Lacquer (Portobello 69218)

This fragrance I have been looking at for quite some time but I didn't realise that you could get this set. In this set there is 20ml travel size spray bottle (bottle with flower on) and a 15ml refill bottle with a small funnel which can be used to refill the travel size bottle. I think the idea of this is great and the bottle is really cute and pretty and great for your handbag on days out, traveling and even for a few weeks holiday
I was also fortunate enough to receive the 'viva la juicy' by juicy couture gift set this year. Originally this set was supposed to be £60 to which I think is very expensive but probably about right for the amount you receive however luckily my mum managed to get this for only £30 which I think is an amazing price and defiantly makes this gift set well worth the money especially since the perfume alone costs £35
Within the set I received 30ml viva la juicy perfume, a pink juicy couture makeup bag, a juicy couture shoe charm, a juicy couture duo nail varnish tube with the colours of pink and black and lastly a duo tube of a small 'viva la juicy' roller ball and a pink lip gloss. So for all 5 of these items for just £30 its just an offer that most people couldn't resist!
The 30ml perfume bottle is great for holidays and the duo of the roller ball and lip gloss is a perfect  size for any handbag along with the makeup bag being perfect size as well.
Home ware................

Jewellery hocks are a must-have in many girls bedrooms including mine, I have actually been looking for some for at least a year but have only seemed to have found wooden ones but I was looking for either mirror or diamante ones and I also wanted at least 3 of them but for them all to be the same design. Unfortunately I haven't had a lot of luck in finding any but thankfully my mum found these 3 in boots and gave me them for Christmas, even though these are very plain I really like the simple design as it will go well in any room of any colour and I think that they are a perfect size for neatly hanging a few necklaces or bracelets on each hock. 

Please leave comments below telling me if you  want me to style together any outfits using the clothes I have received.
Please also tell me what you got for Christmas and what your favourite gift was :)
Have a good start to the new year of 2014!!!!!!
Adios xxxxxxxxx 

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sale shopping!

It has to be said that you either love sale shopping or hate it, and happily I am one of the ones of love it!

I honestly just love the feeling of getting things for cheaper than they are supposed to be, I don't even know why but it just makes me feel happy :D

So if you aren't the biggest fan of sale shopping but still need an outfit for a certain event or just need some new clothes here are some rules that I have come up with to help you survive the sales........

1- Know what you are getting!- if you are buying something for a specific day know what you are going to wear to an extent, this will make it a lot easier when trying to find the perfect outfit in the cluttered rails trust me!

2- Do in online!- It has to be said that even me a person who loves sale shopping does a lot of it online now, its just quick, its easy, it means that there are no elbow wars and you can do it while sitting on the sofa watching films in you pyjamas while eating chocolate it cant be much easier can it?

3- Prepare yourself!- If you do decide to go shopping in stores be ready! know what stores you want to go in, who you want to buy for, what you want to buy and get you purse ready the night before so you don't forget the vouchers!!!!

4- Don't wait!- If you see something you like get it!!!! don't wait and think about it because chances are that you will end up deciding you want it, go back to get it and they have run out of your size, trust me its the worst thing and I am still trying to learn from my mistakes of this!!! But just get the item and even if you do decide that you don't like it you can return it !

I hope that these few rules have helped you in some way :D

Let me know how you got on in the comments! 

Adios!!!!! Xxxxxxxx