Sunday, 23 February 2014

Skiing-Austria 2014

Hellooo :)

So if you happened to read my last post you would know that I have spent the last week skiing in Austria!
I just wanted to write a post about the whole experience and to show you all some photos

It starts with me leaving on Saturday lunch time on a coach at my school with all my friends, we drove to Dover but was delayed for 5 or 6 hours because we were unable to get onto our ferry because of the strong winds and waves, once we waited for what seemed like forever we were all on the boat zig-zaging down the corridoors because of the strong movement but it was a laugh anyway :)
We then arrived in France and drove through to Belgium, through Luxembourg and through Germany to finally reach Austria, after a total journey time of 26 hours!

We then went skiing Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to then we left Friday afternoon with a shorter journey home of around 17 hours.

The trip overall was a massive experience for me and I completely loved it! Obviously it had its ups and downs, I am now good friends with people I would never have spoken to before and have maybe even spent more time with them than the people I already knew.

Also being the clumsy person I am, I managed to have a quite a few falls along with pushing people of chair lifts, stopping chair lifts and putting massive bruises on my legs but it was an amazing experience never the less.
So here are some photos I took to capture the memories..........

Above the clouds.........

Breath-taking views........
Selfies but they have amazing backgrounds so its ok right? 

Dressed all in white, I have to look good even I am falling on my bum right? 

Even if I did hate those chair lifts the views were amazing

Another smiley selfie :D

Snowy mountains 


Snowy mountains and blue skies.......

On the way to the slopes.........

Had an amazing time singing while skiing with these two :) even I did push one of them of a chair lift!
 Chair lift views.......

Selfies on a button lift

View from outside the hotel

So I hoped you liked this post and I actually took some videos while skiing (with the camera on my helmet), so if you wanted me to do a little post with some of those just comment and let me know :)
Love you all

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Blog info and Positivity!

Hi guys

I hope you liked last weeks post as it involved a lot of time and effort from me and my lovely sister, but I loved doing it so hopefully I can do similar posts in the future :)

Right now I am building up my blog and I honestly cant believe how well it is going as I have over 1500 views which I never would have expected so I just want to thank you all for your lovely support.

But I just wanted to let you guys know that I am going to 'try' and upload every Sunday. And I say 'try' because it may well not happen every single week but I am still going to try my best :) The thing is I have a lot going on with school this year so I really do need to concentrate but when I have breaks I love to write these posts so even if it is an outfit styled together on the internet or a Tag or even a look book I am going to try and upload as much as I can for you guys.
I also just wanted to mention the idea of positivity in this post because I feel like there are times that every single person in the world lacks positivity or is in a bad mood or is maybe a bit grumpy and I feel like that it seems to be worse on everyone at the colder time of year (which is now if you live in the UK)
I am not going to lie I hate the cold weather and it defiantly puts me down and into a bad mood. But I think we should all try and change these moods just so they happen less often, because if your mood is bad it tends to reflect onto other people moods and just turns into a vigorous circle, so if everyone reading this post including me should just stop and think when you are about to say something negative because does it really need to be said?? probably not is more than likely the answer so just change it and say something positive :) but don't say it if you don't agree with it because it will only make you feel worse!

And I would just like to add that sad and negative are two completely different things :)

I just thought that this was a cute little photo/phrase!

This phrase couldn't be more true in my mind.

I hope you all have a really good week and make it happy, start by listing 3 things in the comments which your happy that happened recently ill start-
1- I got an offer from the sixth form I want to go to
2-I won a £5 bet :)
3-I got a good grade on my coursework in school

love you all adios xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx