Monday, 24 March 2014

Spring Haul

So as you all may know spring is finally here and obviously all the shops have started to sell new collections so it would be stupid not to buy anything right???
So I thought that I would share you all a few of my little purchases of things that I just couldn't say no to :)
Can I also just say that this is my first haul and in now way am I bragging about anything I have its just that I thought that you would like to see what I have brought so if you don't like this kind of thing don't read it :)


The first item I wanted to show you was this new pink floral printed basket ball style top with has 'New York' and '95' on. I absolutely love this top especially as the floral print makes it girly as well, I will defiantly be wearing this on my holiday in Easter with a pair of denim shorts but it would also look good with a pair of jeans on a cooler day in England. 

The second piece of clothing is this top which is white on the back but blue on the front with a picture of a strawberry ice cream, I think this top is just really cute and summery and would look nice on holiday over a bikini or with a pair of shorts, I love how it is just really simple but still cute and girly at the same time!

 The third piece of clothing I bought is a playsuit/skort with a vintage floral print on with a V-neck, I just love this I think that its really different but not too bright, it is also very comfortable and has a small shoulder structure which looks really nice with the V-neck which isn't too low so it looks really nice.
The fourth piece of clothing is also a playsuit/skort in a mint colour which I think is just perfect for spring! as I love the colour and think of it as almost a 'happy' colour. The skort gives the outfit a really 'pretty' look and is something a bit different which I love!
The last piece of clothing is a playsuit and is actually my favourite! It is a nice pink which comes in at the waist and on the back is has beautiful lace detail.
The pair of shoes that I bought are these nude/pink colour pumps with little rose gold flat studs. I think these are really girly and cute and will go with anything, if its jeans or shorts or a dress or even a skirt and I think these would be good for at the airport and a day shopping just because they are really comfy.

The only piece of jewellery I have to show in this haul is a pretty gold chain and pink ribbon bracelet which has a cute little heart locket charm. I love this and think it would look nice with anything as its a cute little touch :)
Nail Varnishes..........
There is a total of three different nail varnishes I put into this haul of all different brands. They are from the front of the photo to the back-
Essie-Mint Candy Apple,14
BarryM Silk-Blossom,401,SKNP1
Ciate-Kiss Chase,PP101
I would have to say my favourite is the Essie nail polish, I think that it is the nicest and easiest to apply and I just seem to be loving the colour mint this year??
Phone Cases...........
I know it seems a bit crazy but I seem to have a thing with buying new phone cases??? I don't know what it is but I just love it! Anyway so me loving pink and sparkly stuff obviously couldn't say no to this pink glitter phone case, isn't it perfect!!!  
And the last item of my haul is another phone case but this time it is white with lots of little different coloured dots to make a circle and a dandelion pattern, I just love this case and I think that its really pretty and reminds of spring :)

So that's it!!!! I hope you liked all the items and if you have any questions about them or any opinions please feel free to comment below :)
I hope you are all having an amazing spring!
Love you!!!!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

50 facts about me!

So I have hit quite a number of views now which I am so thankful for you all for!!!! and I guess the other day I was just thinking that you don't actually know that much about me as a person at all, so I decided to do a 50 facts about me post, so you can find out a little bit more about me :) and it would
be great if you also wanted to put a few facts about yourself in the comments :)

1-My name is Charlotte
2-I am 15 years young ;)
3-I was born on the 18th of April in 1998
4-I have a Saturday job which I love doing !
5-My favourite colour is pink
6-I am pretty much obsessed with One Direction
7-I have also been to 2 one direction concerts and am going to another one this year!!!
8-When it was my 13th birthday, Peter Andre tweeted me to say happy birthday :) and followed me
9-I am completely obsessed with instagram (links will be at end of post)
10-I absolutely LOVE shopping and it always puts me in a better mood
11-But I am rubbish at saving money!
12-I love to style outfits together
13-I would love to be able to work for a fashion magazine in the future
14-I have an obsession with buying pyjamas (especially shorts)
15-I have an obsession with buying nail varnish as well
16- I get cold very quickly
17-I love to travel
18-I am extremely clumsy
19-I am in love with Disney
20-I love Sundays when I just sit on the sofa, write a blog post and watch a Disney film
21-I love LUSH especially their bath bombs
22-I love to post on my blog and see my views go up
23-I would find it extremely hard to live without my phone
24-I love to spend time with my family and friends
25-I love anything rose gold
26-Christmas has to be one of my favourite times of year
27-I love buying Christmas presents for my family and friends
28-I honestly don't know what I would do without my mum, she is amazing!
29-I have 3 younger sibling-2 sisters and one brother
30-I am a very emotional person but hate crying
31-I would see myself as a happy person and optimistic
32-January is my least favourite month
33-I have been skiing twice and I love it!
34-I am completely English but have been told I look Spanish many times
35-I wish I was half Spanish or Italian
36-I love the sun
37-Summer is my favourite time of year
38-Cold weather puts me in a bad mood
39-I always wear bracelets
40-I love cuddles/hugs
41-I watch rubbish T.V
42-Really wish my hair would grow
43-The orange flavour of any sweet is always the best
44-My favourite chocolate is either chocolate orange or plain dairy milk
45-I love American food (LUCKY CHARMS and MOUNTAIN DEW!!!!!)
46-I feel like a lucky person with my life
47-I hate the thought of anyone judging me if they don't know me
48- I love fashion!!!!!!!
49-I have many fears but never tell anyone because I am scared they will use them against me
50-I love all my blog viewers!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post :)
I was thinking about doing a spring haul or look book what would you prefer? comment below!

Feel free to comment below and on my instagram posts I love to know what you think :) xxxxxx

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