Monday, 23 February 2015

Oscars best dressed-My Thoughts

The evening of the Oscars looked like a brilliant night with congratulations being thrown everywhere! But it has to be said that every year the thing a lot of the public look at the most is the ladies gowns! And every year there are some gorgeous ones as well as of-course in opinion some disasters.

This year I was blow away by the beautiful gowns and thought I would tell you my opinion on some of my favourites! Leaving my 'best dressed' favourite till the end!

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Felicity Jones-

In my opinion Felicity Jones looked amazing as her dress was stunning along with her box clutch and beautiful jewellery.
I especially loved the top of here dress and the fact that it had a high neck-line with the gorgeous detail of flowers in contrast to the plain bottom half of her dress.
With sweeping skirt I wasn't the biggest fan and think it could have looked better if it wasn't so wide however I think the Alexander McQueen gown as a whole was truly beautiful.

Lupita Nyong'o-

Now this dress caused a lot of talk last night! I wasn't so sure of this dress at the start but I do love the shape of it!
I think this Calvin Klein gown is so pretty with different sized pearl beads throughout the dress which has worked well with the layering of them.
The back of the dress is also beautiful and really elegant.

Laura Dern-

The dress that Laura Dern wore last night in my opinion was so eye-catching. It wasn't like anything else wore and really stood out to me!
I love the metallic colour of a silvery black with the range of studs crating a geometric pattern to bring a lot of attention to her waist. This complimenting her bag and very large necklace which looked brilliant against her bare shoulders!

Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts, Armani dress was definitely one to talk about last night! The beautiful full length silver dress complementing Naomi's body perfectly with a structured clutch bringing out the black detail embellishments.
Even though the dress is beautiful the only thing I wasn't sure about was the exposed shoulders which could have maybe looked better with thicker straps but I love the pattern and style.

Gwyneth Paltrow

 I fell in love with Gwyneth's fishtail style dress because of the simplicity in contrast to the complicated folding of the flower on her left shoulder. This looked great against her right shoulder and arm which were exposed.
The dress was a beautiful pale pink colour which I thought really complimented Gwyneth's skin tone and her pulled back blond hair which allowed the beautiful dress to be on full display.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

The gorgeous Jenna had not only a beautiful date but also a beautiful dress! The very long 'V' neck design looked brilliant on her with the loose flowing skirt/bottom. The dress was put together with a gorgeous belt to show off her amazing waist against the dress embellishments to add to the basic white colour.

Anna Faris

This beautiful gown glittered in the night complimenting Anna's hair and skin tone.
With the scattered embellishments taking up the front and flowing down the back created a flow of movement which was brought in at the waist with a gorgeous belt.

Keleigh Sperry

Keleigh Sperry lightened up the night with her beautiful white full length dress. The very low 'V' neck out-line with diamantes brought all of the attention to her as they  flowed down to her gorgeous waist. This added just enough detail to the gorgeous white material and her long hair.

 And last but certainly not least.. My Favourite of the whole night was worn by.....................

Jamie Chung!

The beautiful Jamie Chung looked absolutely fabulous in her gorgeous gown last night!
The sleeveless gown looked brilliant against the layers of tulle and sequin fireworks. I love everything about this look especially with her gorgeous diamond clustered earrings complimenting the firework designs that looked beautiful on the layers with the nude under-lay.

Please do feel free to leave a comment letting me know who you think looked the best with all of the gorgeous gowns that were seen last night!


Thursday, 19 February 2015

My first trip to New York City

Hello :)
As some of you will probably know I went to New York for a week on a family holiday just before Christmas. I honestly had the most amazing time and loved every second as all I want to do is go back!
I have never felt so sad leaving a place because of how much I honestly enjoyed it and I just hope I can return to the beautiful city as soon as I can.

All of the sites were beautiful as well as the Christmas lights on the streets and the decorations in the shop windows!
I have wanted to put this post together for quite some time but have had some problems with collecting all of the photographs and trying to transfer them all of them so I am sorry that this post is quite late but I just wanted to share some photographs about my trip :)

Getting ready to board the flight!
Scarf-River Island
Phone case- Primark

Me and my sister was obviously very excited before taking off so of course some crazy/stupid selfies had to be taken to capture the moment!

 After an 8 hour flight this massive portion was heaven! Even though I couldn't finish it, it was amazing!

The first glimpse of the Empire State building!

Inside the beautiful building! Feeling like I was buddy the elf in the film 'Elf'- My favourite Christmas film of-course!

It may just be boring for some people but I find it really fascinating looking at old things like these original postal services!

A selfie with wind-swept hair but on top of NYC

 I couldn't just choose one or two photos so I put in a few from the top of the Empire State taking in the most breath-taking views of the beautiful NYC!


Macy's the shop I spent hours in but wish I could have spent hours more.

Seeing beautiful things like this charity singing in the street are truly amazing and heart warming.

The Rockefeller tree was definitely my favourite part of the trip especially at night when all of the beautiful lights lit up the city.

The most beautiful store you have ever seen?
Find out what I bought on my last post!

Me and my brother being top frozen fans in the toy store with the Olaf hats!

When we were in New York I really wanted to go to the 9/11 memorial. I didn't take many photographs because it didn't feel right to and I didn't really want to. It was a truly amazing experience where I learnt so much and was so interesting looking at all of the peoples stories.

It was really hard to look around and not get emotional but everything was done beautifully and I felt like it was such an honour to look and learn about this horrific event.
I really can't explain my experience there but it was just so over whelming as-well as being done really well for the people who were involved in the event as well as their families.

A land full of sugar, sweets and candy!

More pretty Christmas lights!!!!!

If you ever go to New York and want the best breakfast pancakes with maple syrup go to the Pershing Square because it is AMAZING!

And for more amazing food and the best vanilla milkshake go to the Shake Shack!

The shopping was AMAZING but I wouldn't recommend doing it in these shoes

It truly was the city that never sleeps

The magnificent grand central station!

Saks was the most beautiful shop ever!

Louboutin nails?

Streaks of yellow flowing through the streets

Favourite drink and most amazing food!

A Ferris wheel in a shop! The best toy shop in the world??

And of course I couldn't go home without going to the Cake Boss Café!
And I definitely got a bit too excited about meeting Buddy's sister Lisa!

Know the film BIG??

 After making his first car!

Candy Land?

The top of the Rockefeller centre! In my opinion a better view than the empire state building! 

I hope you liked this post as you have seen a few parts of my trip :)

I do have a lot more photographs but have tried to limit them as much as I could to not make the post to long, but I do seem to be uploading them constantly to my instagram which you get follow from the links below.

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So I had the most amazing time in New York and just dream of going back!
If you have been to New York or wanted to leave a comment below please feel free and also I would really appreciate it if you could share!